PROMASTOP®-FIREBATT COATING has been developed to seal PROMASTOP®-FIREBATT once installed in the apperture. Once the ablative coating is applied it prevents the passage of fire and smoke between fire rate compartments giving up to 4-hour fire resistance to BS 476 and EN 1366 Part 3.PROMASTOP®-FIREBATT COATING is a water based acrylic coating, having excellent fire and electrometric properties. At normal temperatures, PROMASTOP®-FIREBATT COATING remains flexible to permit thermal and mechanical movement of the services. The products are unaffected by oil, fungus, moisture, vermin, contain no halogens or abestos and contains  no VOC's.


• Fire resistance testing in walls, rigid floors, composite panel, CLT wall and durasteel wall.

  • • Air permeability
  • • Acoustic isolation

• Suitable for indoor use without additional environmental protection

  • • Remains flexible
  • • Life expectancy of over 25 years.
  • • Suitable for large openings in walls and floors with additonal supports.