PROMASEAL® Acrylic Sealant


PROMASEAL® Acrylic Sealant is an acrylic based sealant used to reinstate the fire resistance performance wall and floor constructions where they have been provided with apertures for the penetrations of multiple services, also to form linear gap seals where gaps are present within the wall and floor constructions and linear joints where wall and floor constructions abut. 

PROMASEAL® Acrylic Sealant has slight intumescent properties that cause it to swell upon heating and can achieve fire rating up to 240 minutes.


  • Paintable
  • Adhesions to most substrates
  • Backing material can be either Rockwool (80 kg/m³) or PE backing rods
  • Halogen free, resist fungi & vermin
  • Tack free, water & UV resistant