PROMASTOP®-WRAP is designed and tested to seal service penetration apertures containing plastic and metallic pipes with insulation, using thermoplastic composites based on graphite intumescent technology.

Developed to provide a high volume expansion and pressure seal during a fire, the PROMASTOP®-WRAP offers EI120 tested to EN1366-3, the maximum diameter being 250 mm, the ultra-thin design of PROMASTOP®-WRAP ensuring that they can be installed in to the tightest of locations.PROMASTOP®-WRAP is installed around combustible pipes to form a penetration seal used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor constructions where they have been provided with apertures for the penetration of combustible pipe services.

PROMASTOP®-WRAP can be used with PROMASEAL® Acrylic Sealant  to seal the space between the combustible pipe and the aperture to close any gap.


  • Fire resistance testing in flexible walls, rigid floors and PROMASTOP®-FIREBATT
  • Based on a thermoplastic composite and is therefore non-toxic
  • Contains no abestos, ceramic or mineral fibers
  • Halogen free, resist fungi & vermin 
  • Can be used with Plastics Pipes - PVC, HDPE, PP and PE