FIRE PARTITION / EXTERNAL WALL - Fire Compartmentation


  • Time & Cost Effectiveness
  • Slimwalls
  • Lightweight
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Impact Resistant
  • Acoustic Performance
  • Fire Resistance Performance

Partitions are used to separate buildings, enclose compartments and contain fire by providing a barrier to the passage of fire from one side or the other, or both. In doing so, they are able to satisfy each of the relevant fire resistant criteria (integrity, insulation and, if the wall is loadbearing, load bearing capacity) from either side for the prescribed period.

The application of partition and external wall systems using Promat boards covers both non-loadbearing and loadbearing in commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and high rise constructions, or in the restoration of existing buildings. Promat's internal partition systems require less material to achieve similar fire resistant level when compared to industry average wallboard partition systems. The single layer board application leads to simplified construction methods over other equivalents and in turn to increased productivity and reduced overall installation cost.

These partition and external wall systems have been developed by Promat International to satisfy standard requirements for intended applications.

In the case of external walls, the proximity of a building to the relevant (facing) boundary determines the probability of it being a danger to other buildings on adjoining sites (if it is on fire) or it being at risk from a neighbouring building on fire. Requirements made in connection with building regulations therefore specify different performances for external walls depending upon their distance from the relevant boundary.

Where the walls are permitted to provide fire resistance only from the inside, loadbearing capacity and integrity are required to be satisfied for the full period, whereas insulation is sometimes required for only 15 minutes. This means that satisfactory constructions will be very different from those required to maintain insulation for the full period and where fire resistance is required from either side.


calcium silicate fireproof board PROMATECT®-H composite board manufactures with a fibre cement core DURASTEEL® 


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