Promat products are not only used in traditional fire protection application and infrastructure projects. Products are also sold into the OEM market sector and used effectively to provide protection in a manner of different areas, some less conventional than others. 

A few examples include;

• Door cores - steel, timber and composite doors
• Door - Intumescent seals/strips
• Special door and shutter systems, elevator systems
• Modular buildings - linings, partitions and ceilings
• Fire dampers (blades and housing assemblies)
• Core product - fire protection blankets for refineries and petrochemical plants
• Electrical bus bar systems
• Laminating core boards (HPL, metal laminates)
• Fire collars and penetration seals
• Fire places
• Domestic appliances - water heaters, cabinets
• Insulated pipe supports

If you are interested in further information with regard to any OEM related project or application where Promat products may be suited, please do not hesitate to contact us.